Welcome to SoilCor

Soil Corrosion and Thermal Engineering

SoilCor is a team of Professional Engineers, Certified Technologists and Qualified Technicians dedicated to supporting Engineering Consultants, Manufacturers and Government Agencies engaged in Earthwork, Utilities and Green Energy construction. We provide experienced and cost effective Soil Corrosion and Thermal Engineering solutions for your project. We do not compete in the Geotechnical Engineering market.

SoilCor also provides Independent Laboratory Testing of Soils & Materials with a wide range of physical, thermal & chemical methods available. Our rates and turnaround times are among the lowest while our experience and quality are among the highest. Our core team members combine more than 100 years of industry experience.

The company grew out of Prime Testing, Inc., which provided Independent Laboratory Testing services to numerous clients throughout the nation since 2005. Client feedback supported Soil Corrosion & Thermal Engineering as desirable additional services for a significant number of projects so our reorganization was only natural.

Sample pickup and sampling services are available within Southern California. Samples may also be shipped to our office from within the United States (contact us for shipping instructions).